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They are kind and absolutely do not know how to keep grievances, therefore the representatives of Jupiter solve conflicts quickly and painlessly. In any case, one of them will come to be reconciled, without severing the relationship due to an accidental quarrel. Sagittarius belongs to mutable signs, which means its ability to adapt to any conditions and changes.

This is both good, because partners easily adapt to the characteristics of the other, and not very much — in an alliance where partners do not require anything from each other, there are no mutual obligations. The latter means that the tandem is not emotionally connected and can disintegrate at any moment. Compatibility of Sagittarius and Sagittarius in the work is very successful. Two creative and ambitious people are able to realize such grandiose projects that others initially seemed fantasy or even impossible.

They often make mistakes, but often achieve positive results.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

In the work of Sagittarius behaves very responsibly: striving for the ideal, its representatives will do everything in its best form and on time. The compatibility of Sagittarius with Sagittarius in friendship is also beautiful. They are ambitious and do not tolerate lies, so there will never be an understatement between them.

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On the other hand, unnecessarily straightforward and sharp attacks towards each other mutually offend them. But as mentioned above, they can not pout for a long time and quickly forgive mutual missteps. The general outlook and interests represent an excellent, strong foundation for building long-term friendships, which over time can grow into something more. Representatives of the same sign feel each other on an intuitive level and are immediately attracted.

As a rule, Sagittarians have physical attractiveness, so it is difficult for them to pass by their zodiacal reflection. From the first minutes between them begins to spark and inflames mutual serious interest. They are intelligent and diversified: the intellectual sphere is the basis for their successful relationships.

Impulsiveness and impatience of both leads to the fact that the novel develops very quickly and soon they find themselves in bed. Compatibility of Sagittarius and Sagittarius in love promises them a vivid and passionate relationship. Two romances are ready to chat until the very morning, in an embrace admiring the night stars. At first, their romance will develop very rapidly: soon one of them will move to another, as they no longer want to part with each other for a minute.

At this point, the lapping stage begins, in which conflicts are possible. The reasons for their quarrels are basically that both partners are very sociable and have a wide circle of acquaintances. The Sagittarius man has double standards: striving for freedom himself, he restricts his beloved, which the latter will certainly resist.

And if she begins to resist too stubbornly, then the elected one will lose all interest in it. Sagittarians rarely run after anyone, preferring to get them. To maintain the beneficial compatibility of Sagittarius with Sagittarius in a relationship, they need to distribute roles, responsibilities and share responsibility.

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Compatibility of Sagittarius and Sagittarius in bed is successful, so their sexual relations are bright and emotional. They love any physical pleasures and sex, including, therefore, intimate life takes priority. In the bedroom, Sagittarians are inventive and do not tolerate boredom and routine. Two passionate natures constantly come up with experiments and are for each other a source of inspiration. Difficulties are also possible. They are easy to talk with, easy to make friends with but never easy to be fooled.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility, Love, Sex, Life & Friendship

Truth always plays an important role in the life of Sagittarius and that makes them brutally honest and hurtfully true in all situations of life. They hold no punches and what they express is just the natural process that makes up these creatures. They are individuals who can adapt well to virtually any situation. They love traveling, adventures and creativity.

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Sagittarius also loves to be around people but they hate to be tied to relation knots, making them feel imprisoned. They gain a plethora of information from many facets of life involving careers, people and ideas. They are known for analyzing everyone around them and can get carried away with it leaving blunt and painful comments in their path. But generally they are true observers and if their comments are taken seriously, they can be quite beneficial for that person. In a double Sagittarius relationship where both of them are similar in this nature, it can cause scarring that is not easily healed.

They should practice self control from the beginning to avoid such controversy. If they can both do this, their connection can be beautiful, easy going and smooth sailing. They live, love, hoot and escapade from one thing to another throughout their relationship.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Nature and Nuances:

Their lives are never boring and they are casually and socially connected to a good group of people and practice honesty, a high sense of hope and a good nature that radiates around them. As one Sagittarius gets down and out in life, the other one is optimistically there to pick the other one back up again.

These are creatures of change. Some are innately serious and sublime in life; some are playful and like to frolic about while others tend to be quiet and subdued. You can rest assured, however, that the majority of them are very optimistic and upbeat. Because of their extreme sense of change or differences in attitudes, no two connections are the same.

The outcome is as different as night and day; however, they all start out with nothing but the best of intentions. It is also in their nature to reach for the unreachable, choose the impossible and take chances where the chances are slim to none. They play and do anything and everything they can in life and never get bored in doing so. They cut each other down quite frankly from time to time but it is not out of spite or malice that they do such things. Sagittarius enjoy mostly all the relations they share, especially if it does not include any responsibility.

They prove to be cheerful friends, adventurous siblings, outgoing relatives, helpful colleagues and straight-forward parents to their children.


But when it comes to responsibility in relations like marriage and business, there may be certain conflicts as none of them is exactly dependable. All in all, Sagittarius will be good friends whatever relation they share. They simply feel the regret of their lover and innately appease the situation. A few nice words exchanged followed by a tender action and a happy smile and all is forgiven. And actually this attitude gives a great boost to parent-children relationship as they all are Sagittarius and they know well how to criticize and then apologize.